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About Us

About us

Sunshine Kids Child Care Center was established in April of 1996. The State of California Health Education and Welfare Agency (Communtiy Care Licensing) inspected and licensed the school. There are two different facilities, Preschool and Afterschool, both of which are located in one the most affluent and safe communities in the bay area. The preschool facility has about 5,000 square feet with an accompanying outside playground of 3,300 square feet. The afterschool facility has a comfortable and spacious study area of about 6,700 square feet. The school enjoys its convieniently situated location that is close to schools and parks enabling a pick-up service to and from school.

We provide a tidy, safe, and homely environment for kids between the ages two and twelve. We have designed a unique program to facilitate your child growth and development to become an independent, confident, and cheerful child equipped with basic congnitive skills to proceed to next stage of schooling. We have a highly qualified and experienced teaching force committed to provide the best possible care and education to your child.


We appreciate that you chose Sunshine Kids Child Care Center for your child. Our Director (Ms. Kelly Yang) will be happy to respond to any enquiries prospective parents may have. Parents are also welcomed to discuss with the Director and teachers concerning the details of programs.



Our philosophy is to provide a caring, cheerful, supportive, and safe environment for all children to learn in; this promotes their emotional, social, congnitive, intellectual, and physical growth.


We believe that every child is born with great potential and intelligence as expressed by Dr. Howard Garden, Professor of Education at Harvard University. Our role is to provide each child an opportunty to facilitate the full development of their intelligence, inculding verbal-linguistic intelligence, logical-math intelligence, spatial intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence and intrapersonal intelligence.


Our mission is therefore to nurture the cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth of your child to become cheerful, confident, honest, diligent, sociable, and respectful individuals who would lead a harmonious life in a multicultural community. We will also help them to acquire the basic learning skills that will enable them to succeed in the next stage of schooling.

Preschool Promotion:
(May 2024 to December 2024)

Sunshine Kids will have Promotional Opportunities starting May 1st, 2024 and ending December 31st, 2024. During this period, any Sunshine parent who introduces a preschooler who enrolls for our preschool program will receive a $150 Discount on tuition fees for First Three Months. The new preschooler will receive Free registration fee. Also, during this period, any siblings enrolling in the preschool program will receive a 15% discount (instead of 10%) on tuition fees for one of the child. For more information, please ask the office. Thanks!

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