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Summer Program

Summer Program (T/Kindergarten to 8th grade)

Sunshine Kids Summer Program designed for both fun and learning during summer time. We provide a flexible schedule vis-a-vis a weekly or daily basis. Included in our Summer Program is Physical Education (PE) once a week, Science Fun class once a week for T/Kindergarten to Second grade and Robotics class once a week for Third to Eighth grade ant up. Special elective program: Indoor Swimming, Ice-skating, Ping Pong, Dance, Gyman
Field Trips and Art  classes for additional fees. Morning AM Session provides Sunshine Packet include Common Core English Reading and Writing, Math and an additional Accelecrated Math program. Evening PM Session provide Sight Words, Phonics, Reading, Writing and Public Speaking Classes. 

In the Summer Program, we provide:

- FREE Breakfast, Morning and Afternoon Snacks.

- FREE Mad Science class (Kindergarten to Second grade).

- FREE Robotics class (Third to Eighth grade).

- FREE Lego class.

- FREE Imagination Playground.

- FREE Strawbees.

- FREE Chess Club.

- FREE Art & Crafts class.

- FREE Public Speaking class.

- FREE Physical Education (P.E)

- FREE Phonics and Sight Word classes (Kindergarten & First grade)

- FREE Transportation to and from Happy Fish Swimming, Ice-skating and Field Trips.

- FREE Foreign Language classes: Chinese and/or Hindi.

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